Spiritual life coaching

Spiritual life coaching

What is spiritual life coaching?

Spiritual life coaching is not life coaching.
This is not a place for someone looking to advance their business, need business mentoring or anything like that.

It is a place to address deeper issues and look at the bigger picture with maybe some divine intervention.

So maybe the word spiritual is putting you off or wondering what it means? Spirituality is different for everyone...

Some definitions of Spirituality

‘a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and typically involving a search for the meaning of life’.

University of Minnesota

‘having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others’.

Reachout Australia

‘the search to know our real self, and to discover the true nature of consciousness’.

Peter Russell

A Spiritual Life coaching session puts you fully in charge of what issue/ problem you want to address, you divulge as much or as little as you want – but, honesty, talking about the whole picture will help me, help you further, and maybe you will receive your own personal insights.

To engage in a spiritual life coaching session:

  • Do you have to follow a specific religion or spiritual philosophy? - NO.
  • Do you have to be religious or spiritually active? - NO.
  • Am I – Sabenar - going to try to convert you? - NO.
  • Will this be a safe place for you to talk about issues affecting you now?YES.
  • Will a session assist you in moving forward to your life’s purpose?YES.
  • Can you safely and in confidence discus deep personal issues?YES.
  • Are you going to end with a greater sense of who you are?YES.

Spiritual life coaching

What happens in a spiritual life coaching session?

  • A session lasts an hour, all sessions are conducted via ZOOM conference service. This may sound strange, but this is how most Spiritual Life coaches work nowadays.
  • There is a format to follow - loosely - but this is mainly to get the session started and discover what the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the issue are.
  • As a Spiritualist medium if I get messages from spirit that will assist the session then I will ask to bring these into the session. I may ask if I can use other techniques or things that will assist the session move forward.
  • I have been trained to ‘hear’ what you are saying which means you have my undivided attention.
  • You have control of the session and the outcome. But sometimes I may need to gently guide you through a sticking point to help you move on.

What’s my - Sabenar - spiritual philosophy?

Well I have looked at many religions and spiritual philosophies but, I keep going back to the Spiritualist movements 7 principles:

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

Spiritualist National Union - UK

  1. The Fatherhood of God
  2. The Brotherhood of Man
  3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
  4. The Continuous Existence of the human soul
  5. Personal Responsibility
  6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth
  7. Eternal Progress open to every human soul

I also try to follow the Reiki principles:

The Five Reiki Principles

  1. Just for today, I shall not worry
  2. Just for today, I shall not anger
  3. Just for today, I shall be grateful
  4. Just for today, I shall do my work honestly
  5. Just for today, I shall love and respect all living things

Spiritual life coaching

When the time is right for you and you are ready and wanting to address issues in your life then I am only an email away. I look forward to receiving your email.

1 hour Session US $250

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