Tarot Reading Services

Please note that a Tarot reading is for that moment and is not set in stone, you can decide not to follow what comes forth in the reading. You have power of choice.

All Readings and Training Sessions are given via ZOOM meetings.


No unauthorized recording or distribution of recording allowed.

Please let me know if you are going to record your session, this is not a problem, but any recording is for personal use only.

Tarot 16-card spread

60 Minutes Tarot/Clairvoyant Reading
Full Reading with 16 Cards US$250

  • A sixteen-card spread, using a historic layout for a full reading.
  • Used for general readings, past present and future readings.
  • To clarify a specific question or situation in detail.
Tarot 6-card spread

30 Minutes Tarot/Clairvoyant Reading
Guidance Reading with 6 Cards US$125

  • A six-card spread, using a fan spread.
  • Used for or situations that need a speedier answer/clarification.
Tarot 5-card spread

15 Minutes Tarot/Clairvoyant Reading
A Burning Question US$75

  • A five-card spread to answer a burning question
  • Send in your question and a response is sent to you by email.
  • The type of spread will be dictated at the time of reading.
Tarot 6-card spread

30 Minutes Tarot/Clairvoyant Reading
Next Phase of Life US$125

  • A six-card spread to guide you on where life is taking you, or where spirit feels you should be heading.
Tarot 4-card spread

30 Minutes Tarot/Clairvoyant Reading
Manifesting US$125

  • A four-card spread, giving guidance on how to manifest things that you desire in your life.

Become a Tarot Reader

4 weeks - 75 minutes per week. COMING SOON.

  • This is an online course, it's one to one time where you will learn three ways to interpret the Tarot.
  • This is not for anyone that wishes to use the Tarot for simple divination.
  • You will be challenged to look at the Tarot deck from an arcane point of view and to look at how other elements affect the interpretation of the Tarot.
  • Sessions are delivered via ZOOM.
Tarot Teaching

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