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Highly recommended...

I have been to see Sabena for readings and also as a FLFE practitioner. On each occasion I found her to be very skilled and professional.

Her readings are very accurate. I am extremely grateful for the guidance and healing she has given myself and my family.

Highly recommended.

Tracey - New Zealand


Would highly recommend...

I have been to Sabena for a couple of readings now and have found her to be very helpful.

Her readings are always very accurate and relevant to what is going on in my life. She has helped me get on track with advice that is right for me.

Would highly recommend.

Wyatt - New Zealand



Having been to Sabena before it is clear she is able to get what it is that's going on, what matters and how something can be remedied.

When times were complicated and challenging within myself I knew I was able to rely on Sabena with the help and guidance I needed.

Mason - New Zealand

I have worked with Sabena on a few occasions and also had a reading. Each time I have found her to be kind, understanding, and very accurate. Her experience is very broad, she is a very gifted person. I highly recommend her.

Gayle - New Zealand

Thankyou Sabena for the Akashic Record reading. The reading and guidance provided has been and is extremely helpful, the timing was perfect. Also, the time you took to answer my many questions was much appreciated. Once again Thank you.

Nicky - New Zealand

I was fortunate to meet Sabena several months ago while on a course. My son 12 years old was with me. Sabena approached me privately and asked she could speak with her in regards to my son. Which I agreed to. Sabena had intuitively picked up on some things/issues that my son was struggling with, such as anxiety and sleep issues. Which were all correct.

Fast forward a few weeks. We both went to meet Sabena at her home for a consultation. Sabena is kind, caring and professional with her consultations and general interactions. My son doesn't like speaking with adults at the best of times but he opened up to Sabena as Sabena made him feel so safe and comfortable.

Sabena's intuition is amazing! Getting to the root cause of the problem/s. Sabena then made up a few flower essences for my son to calm his system and aide his sleep. After taking them for several days he was feeling a lot better within himself and we noticed a change also. It seemed to build in his system so we had some more of the same and added a new one.

My son is doing really well and we are so pleased to have crossed paths with Sabena.

Fleur - New Zealand

Thankyou Sabena for the reading, the information you gave me has helped me so much. I t has helped change my life around for the better. I am much happier now. I recommend you highly to all my friends.

Brian - United Kingdom

I have had a few readings with Sabena and all I can say is, wow! She has an innate ability to connect with the spiritual realm. She was able to provide me with information and guidance that resonated and helped me move forward in an area in my life. 

If you are stuck or need guidance from a spiritual perspective, I highly recommend Sabena. 

Cheryl - United States

My life has been positively transformed from working directly with Sabena. Her straight forward approach, spiritual guidance and insight has helped me to move through and overcome very old and stuck patterns. It has been a profound revelation for me to have identified what exactly is holding me back.

I'm incredibly grateful for her support, divine assistance and compassion on this journey so that now I can more confidently move forward in the direction of my dreams I highly recommend Sabena.

Olivia - Byron Bay

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